Here is a list of my recommended reading.  I have read and enjoyed all or some portion of these pieces. I hope you do too!


And here's a BONUS list of some of my favorite thing!

  • Peloton Spin Bike - my referral code is 5EQYZW - I'd love it if you use when/if you decide to buy a bike!

  • Coyuchi Cloud Brushed Flannel Sheets - Coyuchi did not come to PLAY. These sheets are incredible and I love gifting them!

  • Osea skincare products have been a game changer for me! I currently use the Atmosphere Protection Cream (as a day moisturizer) and the Essential Hydrating Oil (as a night moisturizer)

I had the glorious opportunity to deliver this talk early in sobriety. I hope you listen to it and hear something you can identify with.