Heidi B to Isla B

I am absolutely head over heels for my niece, Isla.  I live far away from her, though, so I don't get to see her as often as I'd like.  So.  I set up a you tube channel where I read baby books to her, so that she and her parents can see (and listen) to me on demand!

This is Isla and I having a moment in Hawaii.  

This is Isla and I having a moment in Hawaii.  

Heidi B to Isla B - STory Time

Click below for the Heidi B to Isla B You Tube Experience!

The Book with No Pictures  - by BJ Novak

Isla this is a very funny book but it has no pictures!! Can you believe that??
Hello, My Name is Octicorn is an adorable book about navigating the world while being a little different!
Isla! In this book an adorable hedgehog goes on a great adventure and picks up some friends along the way
Isla B! In this book, people eat food that falls from the sky! That is, until the weather takes a turn for the worse!
Isla B! In this book a tiny fish steals a hat from a big fish! Will he get away with it?
While on an adventure to the beach, a little girl hears whales singing
In this awesome book a little girl experiences all the seasons through color